What is leafly?

Leafly stands as the premier global cannabis resource and weed app. Use Leafly to find dispensaries near you, evaluate strains, or schedule a weed delivery.

Countless individuals rely on Leafly’s acclaimed cannabis identifying app to discern the suitable cannabis based on declared effects, emotions, and reviews of a multitude of marijuana strains. Use their dispensary locator to find weed near you medicinal or recreational requirements.

Notable features of the Leafly App:

– Identify your optimal strains, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, or edibles founded on numerous user-generated reviews.

– Explore strains based on desired effects, fragrances, flavors, recommended lists and availability at nearby dispensaries or retail stores.

– Employ our dispensary locator to identify weed delivery services and pickup options within your locale. Locate medical professionals, clinics THC or CBD products or provide a review.

– Browse through menus view exclusive deals and offers and peruse the latest user reviews.

– Receive daily updates from your preferred medical marijuana dispensaries retail stores or weed delivery services.

– Stay informed with Leafly News and Learn where we offer Cannabis 101 resources recent medical studies legalization updates along with other engaging cannabis content.

– Access videos that guide you how to employ cultivate cook and innovate with marijuana.

Regardless of your preference the Leafly app is designed to assist you in selecting the appropriate type of weed that suits you best. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or a recreational cannabis consumer you’ll discover value in using the Leafly app!