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How We Help Ecommerce Businesses

Partners You Can Trust

We partner with huge eCommerce providers who offer top-level services to all businesses, no matter their size.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

We perform comprehensive market research and analysis to determine how you can outrank your competitors.

Logical Answers

Once we complete the market analysis, we integrate an analytics system. It will give you in-depth and useful information to show you how your eCommerce website performs month-over-month.

How Much We Help

🚀 115% More web Traffic

On average, our clients have a 115% increase in web traffic. That’s right -- we can more than double your web presence. This traffic will translate to more eCommerce sales, newsletter signups, visitors, and recommendations. You can become the next big thing in eCommerce.

🛡️ 13+ Major Algorithm Updates passed

Google updates its ranking algorithm regularly. Other SEO for eCommerce businesses might lose their progress with these updates, but we don’t. Growth Logiq has survived over 13+ Google updates while still boosting our clients’ search engine rankings.

📈 489+ Keyword Rank Increase

Our clients see an average jump of more than 480 spots for keyword positions. That’s enough for most clients to get onto the front page or even straight to the top of search results.

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The eCommerce SEO Experts

eCommerce is a booming industry. With platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce, you need an SEO expert who specializes in eCommerce. Growth Logiq provides extensive eCommerce SEO services to get you on top.


If you want to become a top-ranking eCommerce retailer, you need to optimize your product pages, use intuitive and commercially-viable keywords, and focus on link building. Companies that do not specialize in eCommerce won’t understand your business model and how they can help you succeed without making your brand seem artificial.

Your SEO Company in eCommerce

Growth Logiq’s eCommerce SEO services evolve to fit your business. We have various success measurement metrics that explain how much your company improves regularly. SEO is one of the best ways to increase traffic to eCommerce pages. If you have an online business, you will struggle to increase your revenue without dramatic boosts in traffic.


Our services offer optimized content that attracts real shoppers who want your product. By pairing the right keywords with high-quality content, you can gain visitors who want to stay to learn more.

What we do

We offer thorough reports that anyone can understand. No technical jargon here. You can log into our platform whenever you feel like checking on your shop’s performance.

As experts in eCommerce SEO, we can build relevant links from high authority sites and show you how they can benefit your store.

Gone are the days when stores could get by with plain product pages. Your eCommerce store needs SEO-friendly content to attract more visitors and keep them coming. Whether you’d benefit from blogs, newsletters, podcasts, or videos, we can help you boost your content.

We will analyze your existing eCommerce store and suggest ways you can make it search engine and more importantly, user-friendly. We have a team of full stack developers to implement the changes and keep your site healthy.

Of course, what you write matters, but SEO is more than just your website. You need visibility on external websites and eventually offline to draw more customers to your store.

With each campaign, you’ll want to scale up. As eCommerce SEO experts, we know how you need to change your campaigns for your growing audience. Our SEO services work with your expanding company.

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Why We Love eCommerce

eCommerce gives anyone the power to own a business and sell products to customers who need them. We want to help you live your dream life by making and selling goods you love to as many people as possible. 


Whether you want to sell clothes, art, collectibles, or digital services, eCommerce is an excellent way to get your name out there. By 2023, 22% of global retail sales will happen online, and US eCommerce revenue will reach $740 billion. eCommerce is the future, and we want to help you succeed.

eCommerce SEO beats other strategies

eCommerce SEO will help you meet new customers who would struggle to find your products otherwise. It maximizes your online visibility and keeps you competitive. Compared to other marketing strategies, SEO campaigns last, and you do not need to continuously launch new ones. It also works symbiotically with paid traffic. Over time, you can reach your business goals and boost your revenue.

Working in eCommerce

eCommerce is a diverse landscape, and many members of our team have experience with it. We know how crucial it is for you and the freedom that eCommerce gives you to handle aspects of life outside of work.

We Prioritize You

You know how the old saying goes: “the customer is always right.” But what about the shop owner? We want to connect you to real people who understand your business and wish to help. Plus, Growth Logiq works with all sorts of companies, from niche industries like cannabis SEO to national businesses. We will help you attract the audience you want.

Got questions?

eCommerce SEO is a marketing strategy that increases the search engine rankings and traffic of your web pages. It considers keywords, URLs, content quality, and competitors to develop a key attraction strategy to help searchers find your products online.

eCommerce SEO services include:

  • Thematic keyword research, analysis, and implementation
  • Creating and optimizing SEO-friendly content
  • Auditing existing content to find any issues
  • Comprehensive market analysis of competitors
  • Internal linking
  • Site structure optimization.
  • Link building
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Performance reports
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