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Growth Logiq is a Phoenix SEO Company that helps cannabis businesses grow with the most valuable, Evergreen digital marketing channel and convert website traffic into viable leads. We want to see you get your ROI, because it’s in our industries best interest. 

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We utilize a combination of a deep understanding of Google's Algorithm and time-tested SEO strategies to build organic web traffic and rank your marijuana business higher in the search results. Our industry is rapidly changing. This is primarily so due to differences in legality state by state. Finding a search engine optimization agency that understands the cannabis market is rare. Our specialists have made it their business to provide an essential part of a marketing strategy to cannabis companies that hope to rank higher on google cannabis companies that hope to grow and become more profitable. The Growth LogiQ SEO team caters specifically to the cannabis industry for smart, well-researched SEO marketing solutions for the digital era. In addition to our well-researched seo strategies, we also give you your way to mark progress and track profitability. Analytics and data collection help you to see future problems and solve or optimize them.

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And specialize in the Cannabis industry, You have probably seen it already, but almost every โ€œSEO agencyโ€ also offers a slew of other services like web design, PPC, social media, etc. We pride ourselves on NOT being the Kmart of digital marketing services.

Grow your organic visibility in a local or national market. SEO is the most valuable, evergreen traffic source for any cannabis business whether you’re a recreational cannabis dispensary targeting a national or international audience or local medical dispensary. We’ll ensure you’re the most trustworthy and authoritative source in your market by combining our tried and true Organic traffic framework and our extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry. 

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The Growth LogiQ team isn’t just SEO and marketing experts. We know Google, and we know cannabis. We have built a highly-skilled SEO marketing team that focuses specifically on cannabis and CBD companies for specialized, in-depth SEO services.

The Growth LogiQ team has spent years studying the cannabis industry and digital marketplace. We continue to utilize the best cutting edge technology and techniques available, We are slowly building a name for ourselves in the cannabis community, and we hope to help you do the same.

One of the most significant priorities for us as a company is communication. We understand that selling cannabis is about speaking to your audience. This is where we have an advantage over other, generalized SEO companies when it comes to marijuana. Because we work specifically within the cannabis industry, our team are experts on your niche, your audience, and your competition. This gives you a leg up, as our research progresses with each new client served.

Whether you’re a massive national cannabis chain or a family-owned small business, we have experience speaking to your market and working with your budget. 

Why SEO Advertising?

With SEO, business owners can bump their sites to the top of search engine pages for their target audience. This means that you aren't just increasing web traffic, but targeting the correct traffic for your site. The consumers that see your website in search results are more likely to have an interest in your services. Once they click through, they are more likely to be converted into buyers. SEO marketing has nothing to do with changing your cannabis operations. Sometimes a cannabis business can lose just by being invisible to the consumer. With the right SEO marketing strategy, your business website can rank higher in Google and other search engines, and navigate the client toward purchases once on the page. It's just a better way of showing you off, generating leads, and working with consumers and computers to get optimal visibility.

Do you Want to See Unmatched Results?

Clients choose us because we promise the best, and we deliver on that promise. We're different because we treat SEO like a science, The best SEO techniques in 2022 involve deep, technical analysis. SEO is now a lot more sophisticated than just having keywords, links & good Cannabis content writing. If you want to rank, you need a highly technical onsite foundation, that most other agencies donโ€™t have the expertise to provide. This is why our strategies are different than the standard SEO strategies youโ€™ll find elsewhere. The most significant benefit of working with Growth LogiQ is that we aren't just scratching the surface. Our optimization strategies lead to long-term, evergreen results and sustainable organic growth. Your return on investment will continue to yield results long after the initial changes are implemented. Want to see the proof? We make sure Our clients continue to find success, unlock new markets, and generate profits consistently. They outperform the competition on a national scale while securing trusting client-company relationships with a dedicated clientele.

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The Growth Process is Simple Starting with Growth LogiQ only takes a minute. We don't like wasting your time, so we utilize a fast response contact form to gather your initial information. The Contact Form Simply submit your name, email, website URL, and a message, and we will review and respond promptly. The Audit and Analysis From here, our team works with yours to review and audit your current web presence. This involves looking at your on-page seo, data, analytics, landing pages, email lists, online reviews, and more. We also look at the current market and industry-specific competitors. We utilize our in-depth knowledge of the hemp industry, as well as research of your audience and goals, to generate a proactive technical strategy. Implementing a Strategy From here, our team, with your approval, enacts our collaborative strategy with metrics to measure its success for your goals. The beauty of working with Growth Logiq is that each campaign is bespoke and highly technical. No two companies would equally benefit from the same focus within SEO. That is why our team treats each client as a completely new entity. We conduct extensive research during our audit that allows us to set up a fully optimized strategy for improved profits, conversion rates, and visibility. This strategy could include a new daily analytics collection for improved learning and development. It could also include the use of keywords, linking, and writing style to generate SEO-compliant copy and get your site more widely viewed. A few of the essential general markets that our team works with are: ยท Local SEO ยท National SEO ยท E-commerce

These services help your company to see all of the essential markets for growth. It is important to understand all of these to publicize a cannabis or CBD website properly. Our experts balance the types of SEO to reach key demographics and access profitable markets. A brick and mortar company may only have access to local clientele, but with digital stores, you can access much more than that. Let us figure out who your clients are and how we can reach them for you. 

Separate Your Company From The Herd

We aren't just another cannabis marketing agency. We are an SEO firm. That means that we specialize in helping companies generate leads and grow their online presence through a targeted SEO campaign. We know SEO marketing, and we know cannabis. Here's what we know about SEO: Our expert team completes comprehensive and compliant SEO keyword research and collects compelling findings of cannabis competitors. Growth LogiQ develops industry relations and profitable partnerships with cannabis influencers, related blogs, and large publication. With effective outreach, guest posts and influencer relationships can generate leads with a likely chance of being profitable. We affect sustainable growth with Google Analytics and data analysis to help hone and streamline practices. We create clickable, easily navigable web pages by creating custom design pieces like banners and images. Why SEO Means Growth For Your Company Cannabis sales are on the rise. According to CNBC, many cannabis stores are reporting a 20-25% rise in sales. This means the market is more profitable than ever. It is also more competitive than ever. The biggest giants in the industry are looking for any leg up possible, and marketing is quickly becoming a crowded market. SEO marketing is different because it doesn't paint with broad strokes. At Growth LogiQ, we complete time-tested, data-backed strategies to improve your visibility with potential targeted clients immediately. This means you're not just reaching more consumers, but reaching better consumers. Connect With An SEO Expert Meet your digital sales specialist today and get started on your growth within the digital marketplace. Reach out now to be matched with a marketing expert who can help you develop your personalized strategy.

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Master The Digital Marketplace

The reason that so many cannabis companies are taking to the web is that they see profits. The digital marketplace rises in value every day. Users are much more likely to find and pay for products and services online than in person than they were ten years ago. Accessing the digital marketplace isn't getting ahead; it is keeping up. With Growth LogiQ's innovative SEO services, your cannabis company can get ahead of the competition. A brick and mortar store may only be able to reach as many consumers that walk past it. Digital shops, though, can reach thousands and more. Cannabis sales can grow and spread. You have quality cannabis products. Your clients have a desire for these products. All we do is get your cannabis store in front of them, and the rest is simple. Work with Growth LogiQ to instantly up your conversion rate and secure more leads and sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

As part of our SEO services, our team can provide conversion rate optimization (CRO) suggestions to improve your sales, email sign-ups, and click-throughs. Having high-quality website and marketing content is one thing, but ensuring it drives your visitors to take action on your website is another. Whether your aim is for your visitors to buy your product or join your mailing list, our cannabis SEO experts can advise you on CRO best practices, like keyword research, page layouts, CTAs, and sales copy, to improve your conversion rates - and therefore your revenue. Improving your CRO, and personalizing your sales copy to your readership, is essential to standing out in the booming cbd/hemp industry. Trust our team to help you craft copy that speaks to buyers in the market for marijuana.

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