Emerchant Broker Review for 2023

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If you’ve been searching for a reliable payment solution to boost your e-commerce operations and maximize income. eMerchant Broker (EMB) has caught your attention with its popular secure payment gateways and fraud prevention features.

Still, with so many new and more cost-effective payment solutions available on the market, you may have wondered, “Does eMerchant Broker offer good value for money?”.

To clear all doubts, in this eMerchantBroker review article, we will analyze everything that EMB has to offer in 2023, along with its features, advantages, and potential downsides. You will have an honest evaluation of EMB’s capabilities, from its cutting-edge payment processing technology to its dedication to providing great customer support.  

Explore the unique features of eMerchant Broker with us and see how it could help businesses to succeed in the online market.

9.4/10Our Score
  • 99% business acceptance rate
  • Accepts cannabis touching companies
  • Offers Credit card processing for THCA/D8 and other intoxicating hemp
  • Accepts challenging high-risk merchants
  • Expert at dealing with high-risk companies
  • Accepts retailers selling CBD
  • Complete service offering
  • Third-party integrations


  • No transparent pricing on the website
  • Early termination costs

 eMerchant Broker Overview

eMerchant Broker Review 2023

  • Provides payment solutions for companies in the e-commerce sector
  • Designed to increase the efficiency of businesses and maximize their income
  • Offers services to the sectors that are generally considered the riskiest
  • Higher costs than other service providers
  • Provides secure payment gateways and fraud prevention strategies
  • Offer chargeback solutions that can help clients safeguard their funds
  • Assists businesses in expanding internationally

eMerchant Broker 2023 Full Review

Emerchant Broker. EMB is a global payment processor.

eMerchant Broker is a merchant account provider that provides a full range of services to all business types but focuses on sectors that conventional banks and credit card processors identify as high-risk.

Some of the payment-related responsibilities covered by their range of services include processing, risk management, transfers, protection, and reporting.

They serve a variety of sectors, including gaming, healthcare, e-commerce, collections, and many more. With a minimal list of prohibited businesses that eMerchant Broker will not accept, it’s one of the few service providers that accept CBD payments while still adhering to all regulatory restrictions. 

Despite the higher cost of services, EMB is best for merchants who have struggled with other providers due to their minimal list of prohibited businesses.

eMerchant Broker Products and Services

eMerchant Broker recognizes that each business has unique requirements and needs. The following are some of the main services offered:

1. Merchant Accounts

With the use of an online merchant account, businesses can accept credit and debit card payments over their websites. EMB provides merchant account services that guarantee secure payment processing, reasonable prices, and exceptional customer service. 

The application process is straightforward, and applicants are typically required to submit an identification document, three months’ worth of bank and processing statements, a Social Security or Employer Identification Number, a secure working website, a chargeback ratio of less than 2%, and a voided check or bank letter.

2. High-Risk Merchant Accounts

With a 99% acceptance rate, EMB provides all-inclusive payment processing solutions for every kind of business. Their services are tailored to meet the needs of every industry, no matter how high-risk another provider considers them. Some industries they work with are:

EMB believes in supporting businesses that are just getting started and provides them with business funding services to help them grow. eMerchant Broker offers flexible finance options adapted to every company’s particular requirements.

3. Chargeback Protection

With the use of an EMB’s chargeback protection service, any invalid or fraudulent charges can be disputed. eMerchant Broker cooperates with banks and credit card providers to keep their client’s accounts safe and safeguard them against fraudulent transactions. The goal is not only to avoid financial challenges but also to maintain a good reputation for companies.

4. Check Processing

E-check processing fees are lower for merchants than those for credit card transactions. The more payment methods a business accepts, the more transactions will be processed. eChecks gives clients more secure and practical payment choices while at the same time lowering the chances of chargebacks and fraudulent activities. 

5. Payment Gateways

Companies operating in high-risk industries benefit from payment gateways that provide tailored features to address their unique challenges and vulnerabilities. These gateways offer additional functionalities like advanced fraud prevention, efficient chargeback management, and enhanced security measures. A payment processor like EMB, which specializes in high-risk merchant accounts, can assist merchants get access to high-risk payment gateways.

6. Cryptocurrency Payments

The growing sector of cryptocurrency payments benefits merchants in several ways, including rapid transactions, global accessibility, and reduced fraud risk.

7. International

Apart from the US, eMerchantBroker is available in 35 other countries. To help companies accept payments from clients all around the world, eMerchant Broker offers global payment processing solutions. They accept a variety of currencies and offer seamless integration with a range of payment choices.

eMerchant Broker advertising transparency

The user-friendly and professionally built website of eMerchantBroker offers comprehensive details about its services as well as exclusive benefits. Customers are given accurate information that is both clear and concise, ensuring that they fully comprehend the products and services being offered. 

However, account fees and processing rates information isn’t publicly displayed on their website. This is because fees depend on each applicant’s requirements and business profile. 

Compared to regular merchant accounts, high-risk merchant accounts frequently have higher rates.

The website gives users a password-required online application, however, it doesn’t immediately provide access to a merchant account. Sharing bank account information with any provider before reviewing and signing a contract is not advised.

eMerchantBroker actively maintains a presence on a number of social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, as part of its commitment to transparency. By being active on these platforms, eMerchantBroker indicates that it is willing to connect with clients, provide news, and educate them about its services.

eMerchant Broker pricing

As we mentioned before, eMerchant Broker does not provide specific rates and fees on their website.

This is not an uncommon practice for merchant account providers. This could be due to various reasons, including that these rates and fees usually depend on the individual business’s profile and requirements. 

One of the pieces of information that are mentioned on the website is that high-risk merchant account rates can start from as low as 2.99 percent without specifying the applicable business types or transaction types.

Due to the lack of this kind of information, visitors are encouraged to contact eMerchant Broker or start the application over one of the offered links.

eMerchant Broker Contract length and early termination fee

Due to its partnerships with multiple merchant account processors, eMerchantBroker does not have a set contract term. Contract terms often include an automatic extension clause following the expiration of the first term and can range from one to three years.

The contract must be carefully read in order to comprehend the steps involved when you wish to close your account. eMerchantBroker often demands a notice period of 30 to 90 days.

If the account is closed before the contract’s term finishes, there will also be early termination costs. These costs can be anything from $295 and $595, with shorter contracts often having lower costs and longer contracts typically having higher costs.

Merchant Broker customer service

eMerchant Broker customer support is available via live chat, email, and phone. Clients can reach telephone assistance and live chat during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm on the East Coast and 7:00 am to 4:30 pm on the West Coast.

Outside of regular business hours, staff might not be able to handle complicated problems or offer comprehensive solutions and there might not be international customer care personnel available. 

It’s crucial to remember that eMerchantBroker works with independent processors to offer merchant accounts. As a result, many problems, including account suspensions, payments that are being delayed, or chargebacks, will probably require resolution by the real processor. These issues are not directly under the control of eMerchantBroker.

Customer reviews of eMerchantBroker’s customer service are mixed. While some business owners have expressed happiness with the assistance they got, others have voiced dissatisfaction with the length of wait periods and the effectiveness of company workers in handling issues.

When partnering with eMerchantBroker or another merchant account provider, you should take these variables into account and have acceptable expectations for customer service.

eMerchant Broker Pros

Emerchant Broker. EMB is a global payment processor.

  • 99% business acceptance rate
  • Accepts challenging high-risk merchants
  • Expert at dealing with high-risk companies
  • Accepts retailers selling CBD
  • Complete service offering
  • Third-party integrations

eMerchant Broker Cons

eMerchant Broker Review 2023

  • Pricier than other high-risk providers
  • No transparent pricing on the website
  • Long-term contracts
  • High early termination costs

eMerchant Broker Alternatives

Although eMerchantBroker provides a number of payment processing alternatives for high-risk merchants, it’s always a good idea to look into additional choices to be sure the solution is the greatest fit for your company.

There are a number of high-risk payment processors outside eMerchantBroker, including PaymentCloud and NationalProcessing. To choose the best option for your unique business requirements, it’s critical to compare the features, cost, customer service, and reputation of each choice offered.


1. PaymentCloud

Fee TypePricing
Monthly Fee$10–$45
Low-risk transaction fee2%–3.1%
Ave. mid-risk transaction fee2.3%–3.4%
Ave. high-risk transaction fee2.7%–4.3%
Payment gateway fee$15/month


For high-risk companies that might have trouble locating a merchant services provider, PaymentCloud can be an appealing option. PaymentCloud claims to be able to link with a wide variety of online store shopping carts, giving it a good option for those who are already connected to a specified supplier. There’s no question that the majority of businesses will be able to locate what they need as PaymentCloud will offer you an extensive selection of third-party tools. Businesses may choose from a variety of POS solutions from PaymentCloud, including in-person, online, and mobile payments.

PaymentCloud Shop - POS, Terminals, & Card Readers

2. NationalProcessing

Business TypeProcessing RatesMonthly Fees
Restaurantsinterchange plus 0.14% + 7 cents/transaction$9.95
Retailinterchange plus 0.18% + 10 cents/transaction.$9.95
E-commerceinterchange plus 0.29% + 15 cents/transaction$9.95
Subscriptioninterchange plus 9 cents per transaction$59
Subscription Plusinterchange plus 5 cents per transaction$199


National Processing collaborates with several institutions that have a high tolerance for risk, enabling them to offer services to businesses in high-risk sectors. The firm offers chargeback and fraud control solutions so high-risk enterprises may reduce their risks when accepting payments. These tools can help them stay on top of any losses and keep a clean processing record. 

Regarding online selling, accounting, and online shopping, National Processing provides several reliable connections like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many others.  These user interfaces can improve your checkout process, save you time, and lower accounting mistakes.

Merchant Services Designed For You | National Processing

eMerchantBroker Customer Reviews

eMerchant Broker has been recognized both by authorities in business and the general public. The company has had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2012, demonstrating its dedication to client happiness. Additionally, from 2012 to 2016, Top Credit Card Processors continuously recognized it as the best processor and supplier of high-risk merchant accounts.

eMerchantBroker asserts a 95% customer satisfaction rate and positive reviews on their website.

The testimonials on the independent review sites are more varied and range from 2.5 to 4.5 stars. 

Only two complaints have been made in the last three years and when you consider that the business specializes in providing services to high-risk sectors, the low complaint volume is impressive. 

While there are both good and negative reviews, the majority of complaints relate to merchants who were denied accounts and never used eMerchantBroker’s services or to problems like payment holds that are beyond the company’s control.

The only common negative complaint alleging directly the EMB is on the subject of reaching customer service and the inability to do so. This is a well-known issue in the payment processing business as a whole, and it is frequently raised in consumer evaluations.

Is EMB a Payment Processing Solution For You? A Final Verdict.

For high-risk businesses that need specialized services, finding a reliable merchant account processor might be a challenging task. They give better odds of approval and distinguish themselves by working with demanding high-risk business sectors.

Despite having greater processing costs and account fees than other service providers, they excel at providing first-rate customer care and have a respected sales team. 

Overall, eMerchantBroker is an attractive option for high-risk merchants, but finding the ideal match for particular needs takes careful investigation.

Efrain Sanchez

Efrain Sanchez

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