The 4 best CBD payment processors and merchant accounts for 2024

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If you want to start a Cbd business, one of the first problems you will encounter is payment processors and merchant accounts.

 According to research in 2021, almost 57% of total payments were made by credit or debit card, making it necessary for every business to enable card payments. Therefore, serious businesses can hardly avoid CBD payment processing and merchant accounts in 2022.

Even though many Cbd businesses want to allow card payments, the problem is that they are considered high-risk businesses. Consequently, many payment processors, for example, PayPal, don’t want to work with them.

Luckily, the increase of Cbd businesses in the USA stimulated a rise in Cbd merchant accounts that accept Cbd companies. 

Still, the increase in merchant accounts has also brought hefty fees, problems with chargebacks, and unexpected costs, which many Cbd businesses have to deal with if they don’t choose the right platform and bank to work with.

Today we will dive deep into the problems of Cbd companies to find the best merchant accounts for your business and help you make a decision. You can easily decide what your business needs by comparing the best CBD merchant account.

What is a CBD merchant account?

A CBD Merchant Account is a type of account that allows businesses to process credit and debit card payments online. This account is specifically designed for businesses that sell cannabidiol (CBD) products, and it provides them with the ability to accept payments from customers who use major credit cards. In order to get a CBD Merchant Account, businesses will need to apply for one through a merchant service provider. Once approved, businesses will be able to start processing credit and debit card payments online.

Are CBD merchant accounts the same as regular merchant accounts?

Unlike standard merchant accounts, these often have higher fees because almost all types of Cbd products are considered a  high-risk industry with potentially many chargebacks. Yet, the best companies offer great features, equipment, and reliable customer service to account for their costs.

Why is finding a merchant account for CBD hard?

The main difference between regular and Cbd merchant accounts is that Cbd is still a field whose legal status is not 100% sorted out. The four main reasons why its hard to find a trustworthy merchant account for Cbd:

  • Legal trouble – Despite the 2018 farm bill, different states have different rules for manufacturers and retailers. Many merchant accounts and payment processors don’t want to keep up with that, so they might refuse to do business with you.
  • Chargebacks – The Cbd industry is notorious for chargebacks that occur due to the many misconceptions surrounding it. Like with many other products in the health and beauty niche, if someone doesn’t get the promised or desired results, they want a refund. Banks don’t like dealing with refunds and find constant refunds suspicious, so they can block your account, leaving you without funding.
  • Unexpected costs – Some merchant providers might have an account set-up fee and early termination fees.
  • Hefty fees – Due to the nature of the Cbd business, and the fact that there aren’t a lot of Cbd merchant accounts, the costs will be higher. Consequently, this can be a lot of money for low-volume Cbd merchants and those just starting.

4 Best CBD merchant account providers

9.4/10Our Score
  • No account setup fees
  • No monthly minimum
  • Good customer support
  • Hundreds of eCommerce integrations
  • Free application guidance for new accounts
  • No PCI compliance fee
  • Contactless payment service available
  • Cryptocurrency processing
  • Tiered pricing and interchange-plus pricing models to choose from
  • Pricing not available on their website.

PaymentCloud is a provider for high-risk and eCommerce merchants, especially those who haven’t been approved. With dozens of partnerships with banks and processors, PaymentCloud offers your business the best combination of the two.

PaymentCloud also offers guidance and consulting free of charge to maximize the chances for your to get the approval, which is a feature few companies can offer. With this “scrubbing” process and reliable customer support, PaymentCloud is at the top of the list when it comes to “ customer-oriented” businesses.

Even though you can’t find exact pricing plans on their website because every business gets a different offer, you can rest assured that you won’t have an account setup and PCI compliance fees.

The features that make PaymentCloud one of the best 2022 Cbd payment processors are cryptocurrency processing and contactless payment options, which are greatly appreciated this year. 

Read our full Paymentcloud review



National processing was known as an excellent provider for low-risk businesses, but now it is one of the best for high-risk businesses. With low fees, customized plans for smaller and larger businesses, and good customer support, National processing has risen to the top.

Apart from the things mentioned above, this full-service merchant offers a virtual terminal feature, reasonably priced ACH and eCheck processing, and a cash discounting program. Plus, National Processing is compliant with all card brands and compatible with Clover terminals.




PayKings is a high-risk merchant account that has specialized in working with high-risk businesses since the early days. The company has great features like Shopify integration and international processing.

Some of the things that stood out were no account setup fees, responsive customer support, and fast approval of a new account. Not only that, but you can get free developer support, which is rare among high-risk businesses.

PayKings also offers multiple currencies, the best payment gateways, and chargeback protection, which can be a dealbreaker for eCommerce shops selling CBD oil, lotion, and other goods.



Bankcard International is a merchant account that offers businesses a wide range of POS and virtual processing services that make their payment processing smooth and easy. They also work in other high-risk industries like Cannabis Payments.

Ecommerce and point of sales businesses find the no setup fee, equipment leasing, and payment gateways excellent for their business operations. Also, you can choose from the best post solutions, Clover and Poynt, as well as the lowest fees for ACH processing.

A great solution for businesses that want a long-term contract with Bankcard International, they can rely on customer support even outside of business hours.



CBD Payments FAQ

Cbd merchant processing is considered high-risk because of the nature of the business, which is notorious for ever-changing regulations and laws. In addition, service providers consider Cbd merchants risky, mostly because of fraud and people starting disputes & wanting a refund after purchasing hemp-derived CBD oils or other goods.

Here are a few problems you might encounter:

  • Transaction rates are higher than for low-risk businesses
  • Unexpected fees from the CBD processing services or a third-party
  • Rolling service for dealing with chargebacks
  • Long-term contracts 
  • Hold on funds & longer approval of your account

Keep these 3 things in mind when choosing a cbd Credit card processor:

  • No hidden fees – Make sure the company has a clear payment plan, with no unexpected costs that may occur after some time. In order to avoid unplanned expenses, ask about high-risk transactions, early termination, and account setup fees before signing the contract.
  • Dealing with chargebacks – Look for a company with good customer support and a plan for dealing with chargebacks for high-risk businesses. Since chargebacks are almost inevitable, make sure you know the steps and how the merchant account will deal with them so that you don’t end up with dozens of unsettled disputes.
  • The fine print  – Depending on your business, you may need a long-term or short-term contract, but remember that some companies offer only long-term. To be prepared for any situation, ask beforehand if you can change pricing plans if your business grows and if you can terminate the contract at any time. 
  • Well-known companies and good reviews – Avoid doing business with newer merchant providers and make sure that the merchant account you choose has experience with high-risk businesses and has satisfied customers.

Quick Recap: The 4 best CBD merchant service Providers

To sum it up, here are the 4 best Cbd merchant service providers:

  1. National processing – Best for businesses that want low fees and those that have Clover terminals.
  2. PayKings – The best choice for businesses looking for interchange-plus pricing and eCommerce shops ( Shopify).
  3. Bankcard InternationalBest for mid to large-size eCommerce or point-of-sales businesses that want a solid long-term relationship and a 24hr customer support
  4. PaymentCloud -(Best Overall) The best option for businesses that sell topical products and need detailed guidance during and after the onboarding process.
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