Gaming affiliate penalty Removal [case study]

Executive summary

An up and coming Gaming and Technology Affiliate website approached us to investigate a 28% and climbing traffic and revenue loss. We used a combination of machine learning and open source intelligence to spot and remove a sophisticated negative SEO attack. We managed to:

  •  Find and disavow 562 Russian Pharma and Adult Domains [Hidden From all popular SEO tools]. 
  • Fully Recover traffic within 1 week.
  • Increase traffic 32% by auditing onsite Technical Issues.
google penalty removal example
"Within an hour they had identified the issue and started me on a course to resolving the issue with Google. After about a week the drops leveled off and my rankings have started to recover. I would absolutely recommend Growth Logiq to anybody struggling with their SEO!"
Steve w.
Affiliate Entrepreneur


After a quick initial audit we discovered 2 Spammy Russian Pharma Backlinks pointing to the Client site through a 301 redirect. The client had recently acquired and integrated a new web asset (SAAS tool and domain). The asset had been hit with Russian Pharma and Adult Domains right before the sale and integration so removing it was not an option at this point.  

HOw We Helped

Like most negative SEO link attacks, traditional SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush and others are blocked from crawling the site therefore rendering them invisible to these tools explained by the negligible .32% discovery rate. We used our agency-level access to 25+ verified 3rd party link data sources to pinpoint and remove all 562 hidden malicious  domains. The machine-learning algorithm mimics how we believe Google looks at Spammy links. It’s been trained by an ever growing number of spam examples provided by Google Themselves. 

The result

After conducting a technical SEO audit and  removing the penalty, we saw an almost immediate traffic recovery and a 33% traffic and revenue increase.

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