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5 Marijuana Marketing Moves That Might Surprise You

Marijuana marketing is still a headache for companies. Facebook and Instagram don’t allow open pot selling and promotion of cannabis products. You can lose your entire following with an Instagram cannabis account at any moment without warnings.

Pot isn’t legal in many states and many TV and print media firms don’t accept cannabis commercials. Social media sites and traditional channels are popular than many mediums. Yet a cannabis seller can’t fully use them.

There are also varying Marijuana marketing restrictions at the city and state levels. For instance, in California, you must display ads where 76% of the audience is above 21 years old. Meanwhile, Georgia doesn’t allow advertising for marijuana.

Despite all these hurdles, you must take your product to the users. The marijuana market is booming, and you don’t want to miss out on it. Check out these five marijuana marketing moves!

1. User-Generated Content

Social media sites don’t seem like they will give up on restricting weed marketing at any time soon. Your marijuana social media content might cause your profiles to be banned. Google AdWords for marijuana marketing is tricky because you must find ways of outwitting the system.

Fortunately, you can rely on user-generated content on social media, your website, and in review sites. User-generated content means your customers write reviews on your Google business page/account or they share their recreational videos on YouTube and social media.

Your online store is also an opportunity to maximize on UGC. It would help if you created prompts that urge customers to leave a review after using your product. Loyal customers will share their recreational videos or photos and they will sometimes tag or give you a mention. 

Influencers present another medium to get through the various social media hoops. They access a pool of engaged customers that you can use for growing your business. Besides selfie videos, influencers can share your blogs, reviews, bud photos, and products. 

Blogging (Most Legal Marijuana Marketing Move)

Blogging for marijuana marketing is one of the most legitimate ways to market your pot. Blogs are easy to create and attract over 409 readers million per month. It is an ongoing marketing strategy for your cannabis business.

You can start with a few posts and maximize based on what your audience loves to read. If you want to build authority and trust with your customers and search users, you can count on a blog. Both new and old pot users have a lot of questions on marijuana, and a blog is a perfect tool to provide answers. If you don’t want to spend valuable time writing a blog, you can outsource it to a professional cannabis content writing service, 

Include quality images, videos, and external links to make the blog reliable. The bottom line is to educate so you should not always focus on selling. Instead, focus on quality, informative, and educative content. 

Your blog should also link to social media sites and contain social media share buttons to allow content sharing. A website and blog are the platforms to maximize SEO, publish fresh, relevant, and keyword content to improve search engine ranking. The better your search ranking, the more website visitors you can expect.

3. Follow the Cannabis Industry and Attend their Events

Networking is a common strategy in many industries. It can work well for your marijuana store. On the web, you can follow the leading marijuana proponents.

You should also attend cannabis meet-ups and conferences whenever you can. With increasing competition in the industry, conferences are becoming indispensable. They are the best way to connect with other brands and engage clients.

For marijuana marketing, attend as many events if you want to build your network faster. The events can include association meetings, expos, seminars, or the usual networking events or you can host educative marijuana conferences and invite other brands and customers. 

A cannabis event can include users, other sellers, and people interested in marijuana. These events can score speaking opportunities for presenting your brand’s story or share your expertise to enlighten other attendants. You can also take advantage of paid booth spaces in the events to show your products.

4. Don’t Write Off Social Media Sites 

As seen earlier, you can rely on influencers and blogging. These two tactics work hand in hand with social media. You need twitter and Facebook to be able to share your blog posts. Besides, Instagram is still one of the most popular marijuana marketing tools. Alternatively you can use one of the many Cannabis business social networks.

Facebook and Instagram don’t allow promotion and selling posts but you can create weed Facebook events and post organic posts. On Instagram, you must engage followers. Responding to messages and posting relevant hashtagged content is key to success here.

Facebook can win you a lot of customers if you rely more on the ChatBot feature. The automated responses can prompt customers to buy and drive up your sales. You can also use the Facebook messenger tool to update your contacts on new products, deals, and discounts.

5. Consider Marijuana Friendly Ad Sites

Facebook ads, twitter ads, and Google ads might not always be the best routes for your dispensary’s marketing. Enter marijuana-friendly advertising sites.

They are not as popular as social media advertising but offer an excellent marijuana marketing option. Marijuana ad software or sites take your product right to the customer. The ads target visitors on weed websites and online marijuana magazines. 

Marijuana ad sites also vary depending on your marketing needs. You can find cheap ad sites that offer pay per click models. Other ad-sites charge depending on the popularity of the targeted website.

Here are some popular sites to try:

  • Leafly
  • Adistry
  • Mantis
  • High Times
  • Marijuana Business Daily
  • Weed Maps

Get Creative with Your Marijuana Marketing Strategy

There is always a creative strategy to get around the marijuana marketing challenges. The key is to treat your customers well and seek their contribution to marketing. Blogging is your platform to maximize on UGC, social media, and reviews.

You can also include relevant customer reviews in your weed blog posts. It would be best if you networked to meet like-minded individuals and prospective customers. Marijuana friendly adverts and sites provide a stress-free channel to market your store and social media marijuana marketing is also still useful.

For more assistance with your cannabis seo strategy, schedule a consultation today.

Efrain Sanchez

Efrain Sanchez

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