The Top Cannabis Social Networks For 2020

By David B.

With cannabis becoming increasingly popular (and legal) across the United States, it’s no surprise that cannabis connoisseurs are also seeking each other online. While cannabis entrepreneurs all have a presence on the well-known social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, over the years, too many businesses in the cannabis industry have experienced having their accounts shut down unexpectedly. Those in the cannabis business who want to connect with customers and other professionals on their mobile devices have also experienced pushback from the Apple and Google stores, who often refuse to carry cannabis-related apps.

Not surprisingly, more than a few cannabis-specific social networks have sprouted up as a result to help those in the cannabis business and others connect both professionally and socially. Whether you’re looking for a cannabis business social network or you want to make more personal connections, you should be able to choose just the connection you want from these top cannabis social networks.


cannabis business social networks

Grasscity, which is one of the oldest online communities devoted to cannabis, began as a forum for marijuana growers. Over the years, it has expanded to include dedicated forums for talking about smoking, other consumption methods, legalization, where to find dispensaries, and far more.

Turn here to learn the latest on cannabis-related news, and dig through the years of archives to get a real sense of how cannabis culture has changed over time. The dispensary directory is easily searchable if you’re looking for legal weed near you.

WeedLife Network

cannabis business social network

WeedLife has only been around since 2013, but as part of the WeedLife Network of more than 40 websites, it’s a platform worth paying attention to. Through the social network’s news feed, you can see the latest from weed-related businesses, view other users’ videos and photos, and connect with others in discussion forums. Fan pages and groups allow like-minded weed fans to connect over shared interests, with an outreach that spans 120 countries worldwide.

WeedLife provides social networking primarily for consumers, but increasing numbers of businesses are showing up there because that’s where the customers are. In fact, you’ll have to choose between a personal and business profile before you get started. Business users are allowed to promote their products and to list their dispensary in the WeedLife directory. You can also tout your latest promotions.

The website is user-friendly, as is the mobile app, which allows cannabis users to connect with locals and find nearby dispensaries when they’re traveling.



With a mobile app that pushes notifications right to your device, this cannabis social network makes connecting easy when you’re on the go. Cannabis fans can create profiles to spur interaction with each other, and online shopping is easy as well. Weedable lets social users follow their favorite brands and business users make personal connections with customers. It also acts as an online water cooler to bring together all the latest news affecting the weed-loving community.


MassRoots was founded as a social network to connect students who were cannabis users, and became one of the first such sites to find the investor interest needed to go public. MassRoots experienced some early hiccups when the Apple App Store refused to carry its app, but after some tweaking of its application, it’s now available on both the iOS and Android platforms. True, it’s only available in states in which cannabis use has been legalized, but even with that restriction, it has more than 1 million current users.

With that level of popularity, it’s no wonder that dispensaries and other weed-related businesses have shown up on the site and app. It’s easy to register and promote a business. When you list your dispensary on the site, you gain access to customer analytics to help you adjust your marketing and promotions, making MassRoots one of the more attractive cannabis business social networks.

Businesses also benefit because, rather than providing forums to allow users to connect, it focuses on asking users to review and rate cannabis brands and other weed-related products. Think of its review capabilities as a Yelp for weed. In addition, the site attracts customers through a rewards program that pays off with movie and concert tickets, festival entry passes, and more.

Another feature that makes MassRoots attractive to users is its privacy policy. Where many social networks require contact information, MassRoots goes out of its way to protect its users’ privacy.


Back in the day when cannabis was illegal pretty much everywhere, Duby was created as a social network where it was safe for weed lovers to post and connect without worrying about getting in trouble. Now it has morphed from an online forum to an app that connects hundreds of thousands of cannabis fans, with a touch of Instagram and Tinder thrown in, and it’s been featured in many print and broadcast stories in the mainstream media.

Videos and stories make it easy for users to connect, network, and even find dates. And while Duby’s not primarily designed as a business social network, there are plenty of opportunities for cannabis-themed businesses to market their products and connect with consumers.


The professional vibe of this cannabis business social network is what has many comparing it to LinkedIn. One of its primary goals is to connect investors to cannabis-related businesses, thus helping to spur the growth of this $25 billion industry. If you’re a business owner looking for investors — or vice versa — LeafWire wants to connect you.

Until very recently, it has been difficult for cannabis-related businesses to attract investment interest, in part of because of the stigma and related uncertainty connected to the industry. As legalization spreads and that stigma fades, many potential investors realize the growth potential of the industry — but they don’t necessarily know how to connect to businesses looking for funding. LeafWire makes that connection.

In addition, similar to LinkedIn, LeafWire helps cannabis industry employers find qualified employees. It serves as a networking hub to bring professions in the field together to discuss trends, techniques, and the latest news in both the medical and recreational marijuana niches.

Social chitchat isn’t the goal at LeafWire, so new users can register only as accredited investors or as professionals in the industry. Those looking for employment can head to the LeafWire marketplace to list their services.


This relatively new cannabis social network is a little more specialized than most, since it focuses on medical marijuana. You’ll find plenty of information about the use of cannabis to treat various conditions, as well as content about growing marijuana and other lifestyle discussion topics.


As you can probably tell from this site’s name, its primary purpose is to help cannabis consumers find local dispensaries and stores. That makes it a destination for dispensaries as well, who will definitely want to have a presence on this app that serves an enormous online community. Dispensaries can post promotions and deals, and it’s also possible to set up online ordering through the platform.

The social network offers more than just maps, though. You can also read reviews of different brands and strains, and users can post thoughts and images as well.


If LeafWire is the LinkedIn of the cannabis social network world, BudHubz is the old-school Foursquare. When users connect with their “buds” online, they can get recommendations for not just dispensaries, but also cannabis doctors, headshops, and more. While still in the beta phase of its rollout as of early 2020, BudHubz is a promising cannabis social network that fills a much-needed niche.

MJ Mary Jane

And if LeafWire is LinkedIn and BudHubz is Foursquare in the cannabis social networking world, MJ Mary Jane is Pinterest. This is where to come to view or post great photos of weed smokers, growers, and more. You can rate and bookmark your favorites, as well as follow other people on the platform. Look for MJ Mary Jane on iOS and Android.

MJ Link

With seed money of $1.7 million from investors, you can expect this cannabis business social network to be around for a while. The fact that this business platform is paired with the more social WeedLife expands its reach to going on 3 million users each month.

Who shows up on MJLink? This is another site for professionals, so look to make connections with sellers, marketers, growers, attorneys, product manufacturers, and a wide range of other cannabis entrepreneurs. No matter how you’re connected to the cannabis industry professionally, this social network is rapidly becoming one where you want to have a presence. Once you’ve created a profile, you’re set for networking via videos, news feeds, and directory listings. The duo of WeedLife and MJLink also owns the HempTalk forum, to extend its reach even further.

420 Singles

No cannabis business social network here — As you can tell from the name, this is a purely social platform. Think of it as the Tinder of the cannabis world. It operates essentially the same way, letting you swipe right or left to make matches (or avoid them). Of course, the people you’ll meet here are all very cannabis-friendly, and you can find new friends in your neighborhood as well as around the world, whether you’re looking to start a relationship or just find someone to smoke with.

420 Magazine Forum

Yes, 420 Magazine is an old-school print outlet, but it has an online presence as well with a popular forum section that functions like a social media network. Head here to take part in some pretty detailed discussion about growing techniques and strategies. This is also a spot where you can dig in to political discussions about weed, including on the latest legalizations, laws, regulations, and policies that might affect your business or your enjoyment. With thousands of active members, you should be able to get questions answered and make some good connections.

High There

Yes, there’s more than one Tinder in the cannabis world. High There also uses the technique of swiping right or left, just like Tinder and 420 Singles. It lets you connect with other cannabis fans looking for anything from a relationship to a new friend to a smoke. The app, which is available for free on the Google Play and Apple App stores, is available for Android and iOS platforms only.

Weed Circles

Okay, continuing the parallels between mainstream social media and cannabis-related social networking, Weed Circles is essentially Google+ with a little LinkedIn vibe for good measure. Primarily a cannabis business social network, Weed Circles is filled with circles of cannabis entrepreneurs, including vendors, growers, dispensary owners, and more. Promoting your own enterprise is easy here, as is growing your list of followers. The group-oriented social network is free to join, and if it reminds you a little bit of the WeedLife site, that’s because WeedLife owns it.


With more than 400,000 monthly visitors, this social network is a great place to plug in. One of the big draws at CannaSOS is its database that provides comprehensive information on literally thousands of cannabis strains and extracts, complete with the data you’re looking for about THC content and more.

You can also connect with professionals in the cannabis industry to get questions answered on niche topics about growing and selling. In addition, look for product reviews.


This purely social online community monitors itself by admitting new members by invitation only. It has an international outreach that focuses on connecting its users through videos, music, and blog posts. Members also share their personal reviews of strains, vendors, sources, and products.

Smoke Network

This blockchain-powered social media platform began as a group on Facebook, where it kept getting banned without any explanation. Smoke Network offers something no other cannabis-related social network does: rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. When posts are upvoted or liked, they earn a tiny amount of cryptocurrency. As a blockchain site, this decentralized social media site also promises the utmost in anonymity for its users.

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