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What is Cannabis Software?

Cannabis software helps businesses in the cannabis industry manage their operations by going from long multi- stepped processes to a few clicks. Multiple features can help you track the manufacturing process, collect data, and communicate with dozens of departments easily.

Still, hundreds of licensed cannabis retailers and businesses do these processes manually, which wastes time and energy while leaving space for errors and problems with customers or the government & METRC ( a state system that monitors cannabis production).

Before, cannabis software had only seed to sale software that allowed cannabis growers to monitor closely cannabis cultivation. Now you can use the software for cannabis companies to manage, control, and communicate with your departments as well.

Today we will break down the main features, types, and benefits of Cannabis software, so you can have more visibility into what’s happening in all areas of your business and a ton of reports to help us make the right decisions.

Let’s start.

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How can cannabis software benefit your business?

With software built for cannabis businesses you can:

  • Access any data easily – Know and spread any information at any point across your departments easily, so you can avoid mistakes and get real-time data.
  • Track and control the processes in a few clicks – Easily track inventory movement from intake, through movement through multiple facilities, to the final destination- the customer’s hands.
  • Save money by following detailed reports – Get precise financial and sales reports that will help the sales and marketing team with future steps.
  • Record and keep all of the data to avoid legal trouble – Great solution for cannabis businesses in the USA because most countries have different laws to comply with.
  • Automate tasks – The software helps you cut labor costs and not waste energy and time on tedious actions.

Types of cannabis software & how you can use them

In 2022, there are 4 main types of software that can help you with different aspects of your business. Here are the main features and benefits:


Dispensary POS Software

The dispensary POS ( point-of-sale) software helps you keep track of your inventory, customers, and interactions. If you are running a marijuana dispensary, retail shop or have many customers, you may need more than CRM software.

The cannabis pos system is a diverse software solution because it helps retailers, distributors, and legal dispensaries in daily activities such as the inventory supplies of all stores, managing dispatch, and scheduling shifts for store employees.

It is very beneficial for vendors because they need an integrated software solution that ensures they keep track of their customers and inventory to comply with state rules.

Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software

The cannabis seed-to-sale software is usually what cultivators or vertically integrated businesses first install. By implementing cannabis seed-to-sale software, you are able to track each individual plant from seed to harvest and packaging.

 Therefore, you can easily access data related to your products from their plant and package tags to ensure you can control your inventory management.

Besides allowing you to monitor and track the life cycle of your plants from the first to the final stage, some software can help you keep a record of all your products and increase your sales.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

The cannabis ERP software helps businesses with financial, supply chain, and customer data management by providing more clarity with real-life updates and visibility among departments.

The enterprise resource planning software updates inventory and any other real-time changes, allowing the business to avoid problems with customers or the government when the numbers don’t match.

Many other businesses use ERP software for better communication among departments and better insight when a problem occurs. 

What makes it important for cannabis businesses is that it helps keep up to date with accurate reporting and data integrity, which is crucial for the constantly changing rules and dynamics of the business

Cannabis CRM software

Cannabis customer relationship management software is designed for the sales and marketing department that wants better sales tracking and reports to help them make wise business decisions.

The CRM software helps your cannabis business make more sales by providing accurate sales and financial reports/predictions that you can implement. Some software have mobile and customer support that will be crucial for building a loyal customer network.

How to choose the right cannabis software for your business

Before buying your top cannabis software, you should ask yourself three questions:

  • What does your business need? Labor costs are one of the most expensive parts of running a cannabis business. Therefore, it is wise to automatize most of the processes. Look into the software’s features that can help you save money and focus on other aspects of the business.
  • How big is your business? If you have a large business with many customers, think about the POS and CRM software to keep both the government and the customers satisfied. If you are running a small business, seed-to-sale software is necessary to keep track of your inventory and the life cycle of your plants, so you can avoid mistakes that cost money.
  • How difficult is it to use? Ease of use is essential, especially if you are looking to buy your first cannabis software. Teaching your employees to use it can take time, so make sure to use user-friendly software if your workforce is not accustomed to it. Another important thing is customer support. Often the best cannabis software can have some bugs, so the company should offer support to help you out as soon as possible.
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