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7 Effective Cannabis marketing Strategies For your Business

In the United States today, there are over 1000 dispensaries. Depending on what state you’re in, the market can be overflowing with competition. 

Within these dispensaries, there are hundreds of different products. Getting brand recognition can be difficult and cannabis marketing is the only solution.

The number of cannabis-related businesses is expected to grow. 

The market is currently exploding with businesses that are attempting to cash in on the amazing profits. Cannabis sales reach into the billions of dollars every year. 

In order to claim your slice of the pie, you are going to need a cannabis marketing strategy. Digital marketing has taken over and the cannabis industry is no exception. Gone are the days when a single billboard would be enough for you to be noticed.

Here are 7 effective strategies for your business to use when attempting to market your cannabis product.

Team up with Influencers

The world of digital advertisement revolves around social media. 

Almost a third of all people have access to or directly use social media platforms. In countries like the United States, that number is even higher. Getting noticed on social media takes considerable effort.

To make this easier you can team up with a social media influencer. 

These are individuals or groups that have risen to viral levels of popularity. By having them review, test and speak about your products you can reach millions of new potential customers, you can use one of the many cannabis business social networks to find an influencer. 

Create Visual Content

Developing videos for use by your business is an excellent idea. Short videos that convey your message are essential. Make sure that you use the name of your product and tell customers why they want it. 

Make sure that you have a short description of your video. 

This description should be under 500 words and contain keywords. Using these keywords will ensure that your video is found when people search for cannabis products online. If you need more information on this, contact an expert in keywords and online searches.

Let the Internet Work for You

Google is far more than just a web search engine. Use the tools it offers in order to streamline your marketing approach. 

There are various services offered by Google that can help. Using them will make your marketing more visible to everyone. 

Analytic tools will help you judge traffic and views. All of these things combine in order to help you make informed decisions. You can’t just put a website on the internet and expect people to find it. 

Use Blogs to Your Advantage

You might not know what you want to write about or be too busy to do so. Having a guest blogger is a great way to reach out to a larger audience. Many guest bloggers have their own online presence you will be able to draw from. 

Having good content is key to make your website more popular. 

The more popular your website gets the larger your customer base will grow. If you have any popular local sites, you can also invite their content writers to post articles on your site, Alternatively you can use a Cannabis content writing service to write the content for you . 

Encourage Reviews 

The old way of spreading news of your business still exists. Word of mouth may have moved online, but it is still an incredible way to get noticed. You may already have a lot of satisfied customers, now you need them to tell others.

Growing a large and positive rating on websites like Yelp and Facebook are essential to your digital marketing strategy. Cannabis marketing can rely heavily on word of mouth. With all the industry regulations in place, this is one area where you can’t go wrong. 

Non-Digital Based Cannabis Marketing Strategies

While we have already mentioned many digital avenues for cannabis marketing, there are others. 

The importance of digital marketing can not be overlooked, but you don’t want all your eggs in the same basket. Using more traditional methods in addition to digital marketing will yield the best results.

This will also help you attract local customers. A lot of people may already have a dispensary or brand they like. Using traditional methods, you can reach the people who aren’t looking online for more.  

Billboards Do Still Work

While a single billboard probably won’t be the end-all and be-all of marketing for you, they are effective. 

Almost 91% of people use private vehicles to get around. All of those cars traveling down roads and highways can be reached by strategically placing billboards. 

Identify the most heavily traveled roads in your area. Do a little research and make sure that public advertising of cannabis is allowed in your area. Make sure that your sign is eye-catching and clearly conveys your business. 

Plan and Throw Your Own Events

Putting on an event that is based around cannabis can attract a lot of attention. 

Conferences, fun day events and other activities can skyrocket your marketing appeal. This can also help you connect and network with other local cannabis businesses. 

As long as it is legal where you live, a cannabis-related event will get you noticed. 

People love attending festivals and expos of all kinds. Even people who are not actively looking for new products or dispensaries will show up. When they do, you have a chance to claim a customer that never knew they needed you. 

Marketing Will Help You Grow Your Business

When the cannabis industry first became legalized, marketing wasn’t that important. The few dispensaries that first opened in Colorado were flooded with customers. Those that were early to the industry were able to make incredible profits. 

Since then marketing has steadily grown in importance and won’t stop anytime soon.

With a marketplace so full of brands and businesses, the cannabis industry requires you to market your business. If you want to be noticed and increase your customer base, use the tips offered here. Don’t be afraid to contact a professional marketing service for help. 

Your business deserves to succeed, and you can make sure it does. Using tested, proven cannabis seo strategies will bring you the customers you need to make it happen.

Efrain Sanchez

Efrain Sanchez

Efrain Is the founder and current CEO of Growth Logiq, he brings years of experience working with almost every business vertical imaginable with everything between from small bootstrapped startups to large Fortune 100 companies in both sales and managerial SEO/SEM roles. Growth Logiq specializes in highly competitive markets including Cannabis SEO , Medical, and D2C Consumer products. He previously worked for a large Fortune 500 where he helped thousands of businesses secure their online presence. Efrain lives in Phoenix AZ with his kitten. You can find him on Linkedin

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